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Auto Accidents - NulawAuto insurers can act in bad faith

It is smart to document everything

Auto accident lawyers can be a great help

Honolulu, Hawaii is a busy place. Auto accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. It can also feel like auto insurance companies take their premium payments that quickly too, but move slowly when it comes to sending out reimbursements. Trying to get them to expedite any payments can feel like an exercise in frustration. It can even seem like they are operating in bad faith – which can be even more stress-inducing, especially if other payments are due:

There are things that can be done to help move things along – and also help ensure that people will get a favorable claim result from their auto insurer. Auto accident lawyers are happy when their clients do the following.

Document Everything

Smartphones are dangerous when used on the road. People can get distracted while dialing, texting or talking and a split-second delayed reaction can literally be catastrophic when driving at high speeds or even moderate ones.

On the other hand, they can be wonderful instruments if one is involved in an accident. Most smartphones come equipped with hi-resolution cameras. That can be very useful in terms of taking pictures of the state of their vehicle to show insurance companies – and also protect them against any ill intentions from those insurers and possible counter-claims.

They should also document everything that happened to them. The phone can take photos to show injuries to corroborate any medical reports. That brings up the next point.

Bring In Experts

That includes medical and mechanical, like a report from a hospital or a car technician. An injury can require physical therapy and/or chiropractic treatment. Getting their own analysis to the insurance companies can go a long way to nudging the insurance companies to move toward their payments to clients.

Auto accident lawyers can help with this part of the process. They can bring in experts that can look at the cars and determine who was at fault. A true estimate of repair costs can be submitted. Medical experts can tell about what injuries the client had and what was needed to help them along the path to whatever level of recovery they were able to achieve.

Be Diligent

It is true that insurance companies, particularly large ones, do have many cases to process on a daily basis. There may be a bit of a delay. Still, that doesn’t mean that a client shouldn’t do everything necessary to keep their name in front of the insurance processors. They should be persistent… but also keeping an eye on any statute of limitations… and be ready to bring in an auto accident lawyer if they sense any dragging of the feet on the insurance company’s part.

Even if all of these steps have been followed, it can still be maddeningly slow to get reimbursement. Auto accident lawyers can help. We at James L. Stone know that and we’ll fight for every client – plus we take on every case on contingency so there are no fees unless we win.

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